Animal Feed Bruton

Are you looking for animal feed in Bruton? If so, then look no further than Bruton Country Centre. We sell animal food for horses and chickens through to pigs, ducks and wild birds, as well as a wide range of accessories, so you can be certain that we will have all that you require. We cater for many aspects of caring for animals, and our knowledgeable and pleasant team will be happy to answer any of your questions. With our quality supplies, we keep animals happy and in good health, which in turn keeps our customers happy.

Pay us a visit today to view our wide range of animal feed and accessories. Alternatively, contact us for any additional information.

Horse Feed

We have a wide range of horse feed here at our country centre, including Stroppy Mare feed. From barley and oats through to pellets and hay, we have it all. If you are searching for a particular type of feed, then speak to a member of our informed team who will be happy to assist you.

Chicken Feed

We have a diverse range of chicken feed, from crumbles and pellets through to mash, ensuring chickens get the nutrients they need to thrive. It essential that you give your chickens a high-quality feed as it can have an impact on egg quality and production. We stock a wide variety of brands with ingredients including maize and marigold to keep chickens strong, happy and healthy.

Duck Food

Here at Bruton Country Centre, we have a variety of duck food, including mealworm and corn. Whether you are looking for food for domestic ducks, mallards or marbled ducks, we have everything you need.

Wild Bird Food

From nuts and seeds to feeders, we have a range of wild bird food, treats and accessories to keep birds healthy and satisfied. Our bird food mixes are suitable for all-year-round dietary requirements.


Call Bruton Country Centre

Call Bruton Country Centre today if you are looking for animal feed in Bruton. Whether you are based locally or in a nearby area, including Milton Clevedon, South Brewham, Pitcombe, Redlynch or Alhampton, come to us for animal food and accessories.