Plants Bruton

Our plants in Bruton will transform dull and dreary outdoor areas into bright and vibrant spaces! Here at Bruton Country Centre, our plants range from bedding plants and trees through to perennials, pond plants and more. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team that will be able to assist you in locating your desired plant and answer any queries you may have. Moreover, our stunning range of plants are available for highly competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today to make any further enquiries.

Garden Plants

Here at Bruton Country Centre, we have a large variety of garden plants to help improve the appearance of your outdoor areas. Our selections are regularly updated to include seasonal favourites. Below is a selection of plants available to buy right now:


Gallery Blue
Gallery Pink
Gallery Pink Bicolour
Gallery Red
Gallery White
Gallery Yellow


Boulevard Acropolis (deep pink)
Boulevard Bernadine (blue)
Boulevard Daiyu (mauve)
Boulevard Esme (pale lilac)
Boulevard Ninon (white)
Boulevard Olympia (purple/blue)
Boulevard Yuan (pink/burgundy)

Bedding Plants

From primula and pansy to alyssum, we have a variety of bedding plants in a range of beautiful colours that will thrive in both the shade and sun. Our bedding plants include:

Primula (Gold Lace/Red Lace) 
Bacopa (Sutera) Cabana Jumbo Blue
Verbena Lanai (Deep Red)
Pansy (Blue Chinz/Paintbox/Reflections)
VIola (Fruit Salad/Mixed)
Alyssum (Easter Bonnet)
Lobelia (Bush Dark Blue/Bush Light Blue
Bush Mixed/Bush Red/Bush White
Trailing Mixed/Trailing Sapphire
Trailing Red/Trailing White)
Surfinia (Blue/Purple/ White/Yellow)

Potted Herbs

Here at Bruton Country Centre, we sell a range of potted herbs including mint, parsley, oregano and more that will add flavour to your recipes:

Mexican Tarragon
Mint Moroccan – Mentha
Parsley Giant Italian
Curry Plant
Lemon Verbena
Sage (purple)
Thymus (ruby glow)

Pond Plants

From Iris Pseudacorus “Alba” and Sisyrinchium Californicum through to Iris Robusta “Gerald Darby”, we supply a wide range of pond plants that will add visual interest to your garden. Our pond plants include:

Iris Pseudacorus “Alba” 1lt

Sisyrinchium Californicum 1lt

Mimulus “Red Emperor” 1lt

Scirpus cernuus 1lt

Anonogeton Distachyos 1lt

Hottonia Palustris Deep Water 1lt

Anemopsis Californicum 3lt

Iris Robusta “Gerald Darby” 3lt

Eleocharis Acicularis 1lt

Marsilea Quadrifolia 1lt


Our shrubs will not only add seasonal interest to your landscape, but improve air quality, provide shade and create natural wildlife habitats.


We supply a wide range of trees that will add vibrance and an interesting focal point to your garden.


We stock perennials such as lavender, coneflower, stonecrop and tickseed that will provide colour throughout much of the year.

Bulb Flowers

Our bulb flowers include, though are not limited to tulips, snowdrops, British bluebells and daffodils that offer stunning displays.


We supply a variety of seeds, including plant seeds, fruit and vegetable seeds, so you can grow your own blossoms and produce.


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